Today I choose..

The chicken or the egg?

Does success come before happiness?

Do they go hand in hand?

Which comes first?

Does happiness attract success.?

Does success attract happiness?

Happiness is that "feeling or experience" that comes from within.

It isn't something that is given to us.

Happiness doesn't automatically happens to us.

We have to choose to be HAPPY.

Especially when times are tough, we can choose to be HAPPY.

We don't have to work harder to be HAPPY,

I believe the opposite is true.

When you enjoy our work, enjoy what we do, or like the people we're with..

we will be drawn to it or them.

if you notice we are all drawn to people and situations that are positive.

Is HAPPINESS your choice?

Make it a point to be HAPPY today!

Make it a great día!

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