Which muddy path?

I was traveling alone through an area called Carretas

in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

I was headed home.

It had been raining a lot and though the corn and the alfalfa was loving it,

the dirt roads had all taken a severe beating.

A wrong turn and I would end up in Hachita Hueca, instead of at Rancho el

Fuste where I would begin my ascent over the

Chihuahuan - Sonoran mountain range.

As I slowly made my way the several days of hard rain had for the most

part washed away the main dirt roads.

Travelers before me had looped around a lot of the main dirt road

seeking less muddy ones.

The trails that they left were nothing more than treacherous

mud laden roads, some looked too dangerous to drive through.

Still it was getting late in the day and I needed to get home.

I had spent a couple of days in LeBaron, a close knit Mormon community.

With only had a few more hours of daylight I spotted an elderly man walking

with a staff and a large German shepherd.

"Señor, where does this road take me?"

The elderly person tipped his hat and then paused to take a

good look at me.

He then looked back at the ground and all around.

He answered, "Amigo, this road as long as I have been living

has never moved.

I have never seen it go anywhere."

We laughed, and I said, "Yes, you are so right, I really need you to tell me

which one of these trails I need to take so that I'll end up at El Fuste."

He then came closer and I invited him for a cup of water out of my thermo.

Don Manuel, explained which of the muddy roads I needed to take to

get me back home.

In life like at work or school, one always needs to know where they are going.

There are too many muddy roads and taking the wrong one will take you

further away from your goal or make you miss it altogether.

Along with a sound sense of where you want to go, or direction -

one also needs determination, a good sense of humor and not be afraid

of a little mud...

Make it a great día!

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