I had a birthday recently. 

Why is it the birthdays when we were young got us all excited;

and the ones we celebrate as we get older,

we would rather ignore? 

I wonder why that is?

We are still here to celebrate our birth,

and growing older is a part of life. 

I say go out and celebrate it!  

For many years I wouldn't celebrate mine.

Looking back it was a bit selfish of me,

to have kept others from celebrating me.

This birthday, I was a little embarrassed by the

how my staff went all out to decorate my office.

I was really amazed and grateful.

Now I am all for celebrating it.

I will never understand why we wouldn't want to celebrate

the day that we were born.

Birthdays are a gift!

You've lived one more year.

Why not celebrate our life and our presence here 

I know that you have people in your life that have made

life better by there just being here. 

Your birthday is a good reason to allow them to celebrate

your special day.

15, 18 21 30 or 60!.

Let them - and join in.

You are celbrating all that you've done,

maybe all you wish you'd done,

and certainly all you are planning on doing!

Celebrate you birthday!

Feliz Cumpleaños everyone!

Make It a great día!

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