Grudges are squatters?

One thing I've learned a long time ago is that we have to learn to let go of grudges.

The only thing that they do well is sabotage us.

They tend to take up space in our heads - they are squatters!

Living rent free in our minds - and undermining us at every step.

By allowing ourselves to hold on to grudges,

we enabling negative energy, and even anger and hate within.

When we allow negativity, hate or anger in our hearts, we tend to

let these emotions seep into our lives and end up

unknowingly sharing them with others around us.

I have also found that by holding grudges, we stunt our growth and

limit the possibilities in our lives.

Life is just too short for holding grudges.

Its not easy letting go of something that may have long lived within us.

So begin today by letting just one of them go.

Think in terms of recognizing that maybe the situation couldn’t

have unfolded any differently.

That given the sum total of all the influencing factors in the parties involved.

One other tip, is to recognize that no one can hurt you without your permission,

(that is, a perspective of life that tends to keep you from being hurt).

Recognize that all of our challenges are learning experiences,

and by moving on, or letting go we are allowing ourselves to grow.

There is no amount of pain or struggle that will ever change

our past; work to use your energy on more positive,

and redeemable areas of your life instead.

Make it a great día!

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