Have I told you how much I appreciate you?

Make someone feel as if they matter.

It is all about a compliment.

It's free and your geniune observation and feedback is appreciated. 

I do not know of anyone that likes to be taken for granted.

Who cares if that's their job.

If that is what they get paid to do. 

I suggest you begin by starting at home.

Giving your loved ones, no less that one word of praise each day.

This will lead to two, and then three, and soon you'll lose count,

and a more loving relationship will began to

take place and flourish.

We all need to be appreciated, especially if someone 

doing something for our benefit.

Next time you compliment or praise someone,

praise the details of what has been done.

"I liked your meat pie recipe."

"I liked how well you did your homework." 

"I like the way you took control of that situation!"

"Your advice was so easy to follow." 

"Thanks for doing that report for me. You really saved me a lot of time." 

We can never be too appreciative.

Thanks someone today!

When people feel appreciated they are encouraged.

They will tend to handle a tough moment with more ease.

They try harder and the work day goes more easily.

I appreciate you!

Make it a great día!

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