I am in a hurry... and why?

It's Friday!

Everyone looks forward to the weekend.

That's where they feel that they can relax, sleep in , enjoy their life

a bit more.

Why wait for the weekend?

Do you ever wonder why you live such a hurried pace?

In the frenzy of life, where you rush about in a futile

attempt at fulfilling all of your duties,

responsibilities and family affairs?

Ever wonder if one day you'll wake up,

and ask yourself what your life could have looked like?

If only you had taken a little longer to enjoy it?

Imagine all the people we could have met and enjoyed?

You may believe that the journey ahead is already set.

And some of life's responsibilities may be. 

But what if you added more moments of reflection

of quiet observation? 

I like to begin my day, grateful for the life I now have.

Looking to surround myselves with individuals that

emanate the qualities I seek in myself. 

As well as individuals that have a certain peace,

and calmness about them. 

Ones that see their future as opportunities,

and have relinquished the need to control situations

in order to produce more harmonious results.

What if we made ourselves purposefully more accepting of others?

Allowed more time to understad those around us?

Slowed down a bit.

Breathed in more air?

What if we alllived less hurried lives?

Make it a great día!

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