Its all about getting back up..


We all talk about confidence.

Having self confidence is powerful.

Some of us exude it - while others really have to work at it.

So how do you build more of it?

I recommend focusing on your potential.

Your limitations are just that - your limitations.

Self confidence begins within us.

It is more about who we are, than what we do.

So get to know yourself better.

What do you do well?

What could you improve on?

It helps to be a little less self critical.

But always begin your day injecting positive affirmations at the start.

Replace any fear of failure you may be feeling..

with a vision of seeing yourself succeeding at it.

Create a vision of you succeeding at work, at school, 

in your personal life.

I also reccomend surrounding yourself with positive people.

Seek, befriend and cultivate people who will help you grow.

Show initiative, think 212 degrees -  

And never give up, and never accept failure.

Like many a boxer, just dust yourself off,

and get back up til you master it.

Make it a great día!

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