It's not the size of a gift...

Evander Holyfield was once quoted,

"Its not the size of the man but the size of his heart that matters."

That is a strong message.

Generosity means not asking anything in return. 

A generous person they say has a large heart. 

They can quickly see the need of another.

A generous person is the one who gives freely without counting the cost.

One of the people hat comes to mind is Mother Teresa.

Her  leacy surrounds her works of generosity.

She was a great soul who went to the slums of Calcutta city,

and searched for the abandoned children.

She sought out the sick and took them to her home and looked after them.

Her generosity was an example of love in action.

To become a generous person, you don't need to be wealthy.

To think that only the rich can give something is to think small.

Giving will never make anyone poor.

I believe that giving multiples our own wealth, our own happiness.

My Viejita always talked about whatever we gave to others,

would come back to us in a much bigger way. 

It wasn't what we gave that was important but giving that way important.

This also reminds me of the bibilcal tale of Jesus in the temple.

He was sitting near the offering box,

and watching people put in their donations.

He noticed that many rich people were giving a lot of money

with great show and fanfare.

They wanted to be seen giving,

and get the appreciation of others.

Eventually, a poor old widow came up,

and put in two coins that were worth of less than five rupees at the time.

She came back, sat in at the last raw of the temple and prayed.

It was then that Jesus said, ``I tell you this poor widow has put in

more than all others.

The rich gave what they did not need.

But she is very poor and gave every thing she had.

Now she doesn’t have anything to buy her food’’.

Giving is generosity, it's love at its highest form.

Giving enrich the quality of of our lives.

We get a special joy out of giving something to another.

Giving doesn't have to be about money. 

We are being generous when we give our knowledge

to someone by sharing our ideas.

Our generosity is beautifully expressed when you take time

to talk to someone who may be sad and lonely.

Instead of recycling my aluminim cans,

I used to take them to the homeless men,

and women under an over pass.

I never asked what they intended to do with them eventhough

it was very close to a lot of liquor and beer stores.

I remember the joy they had on their faces whenever they saw

my truck drive up.

Give - Love - Grow.

Make it a giving dia!

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