Know what to repeat..

We may think that what we heard is important to share or re-tell.

I read this fable and would like to share it with you -

The young man went to visit his wise mentor.

Upon arriving the young man tells the mentor,

"Wise man, some friends of mine were speaking badly of you.

"One moment," the wise man told the young man.

Did you pass what you are about to tell me

through the three gates?"

"The three gates?," the young man asked.

The wise man quietly looked up to him and answered, "Yes."

"First of all, is what you heard the TRUTH?"

The young man hesitated and answered,

"Not exactly, I heard it from the someone who over heard them." 

"So you made sure to pass what you heard

through the second gate, the gate of KINDNESS?,"

the wise man asked.

The young man looked down and in a hestitating whisper

answered, "No."

"Now was what you were wanting to share with me,

was it positive?

Would it be good for anybody to hear?," the wise man asked.

"No, on the contrary…", the young man answered.

"The last gate is an important one that requires words to pass through."

"Ask yourself, is it necessary to let others know

what it is about what one hears, that troubles us so?," the wise man said.

The young man, answered, "To tell you the truth, no, not at all." 

The wise man ended the conversation by smiling and said,

"Then if it is not TRUE, and its neither POSITIVE or GOOD,

and not necessary, we must forget it and bury it and never speak of it again."

Make it a great día!

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