My little brother..

I come from a large family - but I am very thankful for my youngest brother.

Even though he lives hundreds of miles from me, I am so thankful that

we are close and that he is always in my heart.

A tough guy, a federal agent, he is extremely smart,

thoughtful, generous and courageous.

We have been as close as brothers can be, all our lives.

He has always loved me unconditionally.

Nothing I could say or do could keep

him from loving me, even when we don't agree.

He takes time to call me even if we don't have anything to talk about.

He makes time in his busy schedule to come visit especially when

business takes him in to town.

He is a great friend, and his wisdom and integrity speaks volumes.

I know that his friendship has impacted my life in many incredible ways.

I remember laughing so hard over a misspelled name on a picture

a nephew had given us. - that we had to stop the rental car.

We were laughing so hard that we could not catch our breaths,

and our sides were hurting from all the laughter.

Two grown men laughing their hearts off.

Whenever I think of that day, I still laugh.

He knows the importance of sometimes just hanging out,

and watching his beloved Cowboys.

He makes some awesome fajitas!

He is everything I could ever ask for in a brother.

Not only am I glad that we are brothers,

I am grateful to call him friend.

Make it a great dia!

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