Paz para Cd. Juarez

A week ago, a high-level Juarez cartel member Jose Antonio "El Diego"

Acosta Hernandez, was arrested.

He had been linked to at least 1,500 murders, and clamed to have 45 young gunmen

working for him Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua (across the border with El Paso, Texas).

El Diego's mission was to eliminate the members of the rival Sinaloa cartel,

and take over the drug routes through that city.

He is also charged and had confessed to setting off a car bomb

last year in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua,

the first of such attacks by any Mexican drug cartel. 

He also ordered the Jan. 31, 2010, massacre of 15 young men

in Juarez’s Villas de Salvarcar neighborhood.

Killed them because some members of the rival Artistas Asesinos

gang were supposedly attending the birthday party.

He has also confessed to the kidnapping and brutal killing of

many promninent businessmen,

one sadly was our brother in law the Dean of Centro Univeritario,

in Juarez, Lic. Rodolfo Acosta, Benavidez.

Many of us never thought that this day would come.

With a steep ransom having been paid, follwed by many terrifying hours

of negotiations, and many thousands of prayers, pleadings..

including a silent march by his loved ones,

students and staff - the murderer has finally been caught.

They finally caught the architect of all those deadly killings.

He was the leader of "La LĂ­nea" a gang of drug traffickers, corrupt state,

and local police that have been known to decapitate their rivals,

mutilate their corpses and dispose of them in public to instill fear.

The also are involved in other criminal enterprises such as extortion,

and kidnapping.

So where does one go from here?

Is Forgiveness a rebirth of one's hope?

Will forgiveness change our thoughts, or in someway renew our dreams?

Our family was raised on being forgiving.

On everyone deserving a second chance.

This time around it is incredibly painful and personally very difficult.

Can forgiving rebuild a broken dream?

Will forgiving extract the worst of this horrible experience,

and cleanse the soul of the darkened void it left behind?

Our Viejita spoke of true forgiveness coming when we didn't make it

soley contingent on our wronged raw emotions.

Nor upon someone's willingness to forgive us.

Even if we are holding on to anger and still too fresh a wound,

(it was less than a year ago that this happened to our family).. 

are we even ready to let go?

All of our feelings, heartache, and pain, as well as anger have played

an important part of our healing process.

Where do we go from here?

Are we ready to let go?

Can we let go?

We all keep trying..

Letting God and Letting Go may seem a whole lot easier

than what we've all gone through.

Than again, forgiving this man is painfully hard.

Make it a prayerful dia!

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