A single breath.

What all is contained in one breath?

As we breath in, we are given life.

One breath and we have all the necessary oxygen

to work, to play, and to love. 

Next time, as you breathe in, breath appreciation!

Then as you gently exhale, breath out gratitude. 

As you breathe, think of it as the gift of life.

As you exhale -  relish the memories of the moment.

Take time to focus on your breathing.

Be still.

Think of all that takes place because of this one breath.

A life that has taken you down a path you may never

have intended to on.

One filled opportunities that you may never have expected. 

A breath away from a world we never thought possible. 

I know sometimes it may seem as if life isn’t moving as

fast as we'd like it to.

So be patient and breathe.

Make it a great día!

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