Through the peephole.

Do you ever find yourself looking outward rather than inward?

In my experience, I have found that the answer I am usually looking for -

is there within me.

We tend to allow our lives to get so busy that we fail to really look around us,

to listen, accept and process the information swirling all around us.

Doing so will often result in our over reacting or needless blaming.

I have found that when we are quick to accuse,

or complain about another, we are really putting ourselves

into that irresponsible role of the victim.

Doing this also makes for self imposed limitations.

Not acknowleding that our own failure are keeping us from seeing

our whole selves.

Limiting who we are truly capable of being and becoming.

This form of thinking also creates judgment.

It develops through our rather inflexible

mindset that is sure to keep us from growing.

Which one would you rather expererience?

By having a closed mindset we are keeping ourselves from our

own potential and our own personal growth.

Live - Love - Grow!

Make it a great día!

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