Which road now?

Take the sure road.

Don't venture.

Stay on the asphalt.

Drive known roads.

Travel the road more traveled.

We all have a choice.

We can take risks or we can take the well traveled path.

What type of journey would you rather be on?

You want to live your life with minimum risks? 

Who wouldn't prefer to have a roadmap that set out a plan,

and guaranteed its destination? 

Over the years I have been blessed to meet some amazing people. 

Some definitely lived comfortable lives,

had achieved much success, with beautiful families and leading fulfilled lives. 

I have also met some that have taken risks. 

Ones that had put everything on the line to pursue their dreams. 

They followed their gut and completely changed course half way through life. 

They too were very content  and successful people. 

So which life do you think is better?

I think that it's different for everyone. 

A few of us live their entire lives and never take a single risk. 

Others pursue risk halfway, in an effort to define themselves and their purpose. 

A few walk to their own cadence.

To me, the greatest advice I ever got was from my Viejita.

A woman that told me at 94,

“Son, don’t live a life of regret. 

You have to make mistakes,

just make sure to readjust and go on.” 

I learned from an early age to be willing to take risks. 

Many I pursued on my own volition,

others I was nudged gently into by circumstance. 

However, every bump, setback and success have been a process

that allowed me to become this man..

one that deep inside wants to make a difference. 

To know that somehow my time here will positively affect

someone in a positive way.

Where by chance meetings, I will have made their journey

that much more enjoyable. 

So Live - Love and Grow.

And undoubtedly you will LIVE more. 

Make it a great día!

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