Change and balance.

I don't know about you but I am doing more with less lately.

Whether at work or at home if we aren't careful we begin feeling overwhelmed,

fatigued and even stressed.

Maybe it is because we allow the changes around to cause us to

feel as if our lives are not in our control.

They may be temporary, but we feel like they are endless and demanding..

worse of all they tug at us from all directions

Bringing balance into our life doesn't require huge change in order to

feel at peace, stable and happy. 

True balance has to come from within us, no matter what else

may be happening around us.

Here is what I do to restore my balance and build a greater sense

of inner peace and harmony in life, 

eapecially  when I start to feel out of balance.

I immediately force myself to relax, because the first thing that happens

is that we begin to feel as if we have no time for ourselves.

I make it a point to take time to meditate,

to pray and to do some quiet time like reading a book

or gardening or a simple long walk with my Parker.

I focus on caring about "me."

All of do much better when we get sufficient sleep.

I personally do best when I am well rested.

I tend to be much more centered in how I lead, manage and relate to others.

I also make it a point to pray for resilience. 

I basically take all opportunities to consistently replenish my energy,

my core, which creates an inner peace and joy within. 

I allow myself reset all expectations.

The biggest cause of stress in our lives is when we become inflexible.

We allow our lives to manage us rather than managing life.

In that state, we have a tendancy to get frustrated,

and annoyed especially when we feel as if our circumstances aren't

cooperating like we think they should. 

One of the biggest gifts however is when you give yourself a flexible state of mind. 

We must not allow unrealistic expectations to set our pace and dictate our lives.

Bringing balance into our lives really works.. try it.

Make it a great día!

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