Feeling happier every day..

It's Friday!

Who doesn't want to go to bed after a tough day, and

wake up feeling HAPPIER?

They say to feel HAPPIER, we have to acknowledge how we are currently feeling.

Do you feel good about the life you're are living?

How do you feel about anything that might not be going your way?

How are you feeling right about our world and the life you are living?

Do we see your life in terms of growth?

Are you challenged enough?

Could being HAPPIER come by making others happier?

A long time ago my Viejita told us, that the best way to make it happen.. 

was to make another HAPPY.

She said that each day we all had just 24 hours to adjust our attitude and our outlook.

The day may seem long, but the years are in fact short.

Why spend your life being sad, unhappy or dejected.

How much better would your life be if you worked to make yourself HAPPIER?

Remember, we’re not HAPPY unless we think or believe we could be HAPPIER.

Make it a FELIZ día!.

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