Grateful suffering?

There has been quite a bit of heartache and suffering in my

family's life these past year.

Maybe that is why I've come to see suffering as an opportunity to transcend

the heartache and allow it to move us to a higher level of awareness.

Prayer tends to illuminate areas within us that haven’t evolved.

Like a small beam of light that suddenly comes out of the sky,

and brings into clear focus what was once dark.

Maybe we had not been bothered by what was happening there in the dark,

until we finally saw it light up.

Maybe prayer brought clarity? 

Maybe life is similar in a way, for until we have experienced the reality

of our thoughts.. we might never actually believe them.

I'd read about people going missing, of people being kidnapped,

and of people being killed.

I never, ever thought that any of those dreadful,

and horrible experiences could ever be a part of my life.

Suffering does allow us to process the complicated emotions of heartache.

It allows us to transcend onto a higher level of awareness.

Prayer is always there to help us accept the complicated emotions

that sudden death or tragedy brings.

It is prayer that has allowed me to mourn, to grieve and accept.

To move on.

Make it a prayer filled día!

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