People are important to me..

This past Labor Day weekend I had time to take more walks,

and observe how the world around me comes alive after sunrise..

(I usually leave the house for my office by 5:50 a.m.).

I thought about how each job, every profession,

every role we play in life is important,

and interacts perfectly with hundreds others.

Take for example the garbage pick-up guys and women,

(yes I saw my very first one Saturday)..

can you even imagine a world without trash removal?

I remember the strikes in New York,

in Mexico City and in Italy… 

if there were no garbage collectors,

we’d all be surrounded by heaps of rotting garbage.

Mountains of yucky, smelly rodent infested piles of waste.

I am grateful to have their invaluable service.

What about the people who mow the lawns?

The pizza delivery folks, the bank tellers.. they all interact with

hundreds of people each day.

More important they all play an important role in keeping

our economy going strong.

How we use our talents to do what we do,

ends up helping others.

Even if we’re not yet doing what we truly love,

we can still love whatever it is that we do a little bit more.

No matter if you're a garbage picker,

a bank teller or head of a company,

your work impacts hundreds of people around you.

So smile as you work - someone is watching you.

Make it a great día!

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