I was speaking to one of my nieces from Juarez, Mexico last night.

She said that the violence was gettting worse and found herself unable to sleep.

She said hipnotic meds didn't work, that her only true constants in her life were;

God, Family and the Stars at night.

We talked for a long time and she finally felt sleepy enought to go to bed.

I pray that God will keep my family safe,

and am grateful for his stars.

 "I like the way they looked down from the sky.

And didn't seem to mind the way I cried.

And didn't say, 'Now wipe away those tears,'

Or, 'Tell us, tell us what's the matter here!'

But shining through the dark they calmly stayed.

And gently held me in their quiet way. 

I felt them watching over me, each one.

And let me cry and cry till I was done."  by Deborah Chandra

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