Thanks Mom!

Funny, how somedays one needs a different opinion - more concensus to go on.

At times a confidant or loved one that you respect.

I tended to turn to my Viejita.

I miss my Mother, some days I stop and think,

what would she do?

My Viejita was a great role model.

She epitomized (in her day to day behavior) the power of hope and faith.

She also taught us the power of living a positive life.

Sure she had her share of setbacks and yet never once did I ever

see her feeling sorry for herself.

She liked to share her tips on life with her large family.

Like, "Never allow anything and anyone to overwhelm you."

"Don't over think it, just deal with them."

I know it really sounds simplistic.

But in her own way she was teaching us to ignore the setbacks.

Especially that all setbacks were temporary.

That feeling sorry for oneself, getting depressed,

and overwhelmed wouldn't change anything.

It actually only made the pain last longer.

So her very simple lesson was that it didn't matter what

we were facing or going through,

that what really mattered was how we dealt with it.

Make it a great día!

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