Today I will perservere.

I like that saying from one of my favorite Generals.

After all who would want a wrinkled soul?

One important attribute to have and key to attaining success is perseverance.

Perseverance, is a learned characteristic that we all can develop further.

It means persisting in spite of opposition, even when we feel discouraged.

Success in life from my own personal experience has comes from being

able to persist in what I believed, despite anything else that came my way.

Who hasn't thought of giving up when they were failing?

But do we give up at the first sign of trouble?

No, never... we have to keep doing whatever it takes until we finally

achieve our goal, hit our target or get closer to our dream.

The degree of perserevance is the one big difference between

being a winner or a loser.

Although they may both begin from the same doorstep towards success,

one will end up giving up, and the other will keep going.

In the end one will reach their destination,

and the other will have quit far from it.

Just like when we learn to walk as babies, even though we fall

we learn that we have to pick ourselves up and keep trying..

if not we will either take a lot longer to learn to walk or never learn.

So even if in the past you have given up too soon, rather than continuing

until you've finished the race.

You must start today - to plan on staying in the race the entire way.

You must refuse to give up, despite what may come your way,

you must have confidence, and a mindset of your ability

to overcome any challenge.

Yu must believe that you can and will win.  

You will have only lost when you have decided long before the race begun,

that you couldn't finish it.

Don't keep yourselves from reaching your goals.

Make it a perseverance kind of día!

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