When changes happen..

Changes happen at our offices often.

Sometimes those changes are not ones we may be ready

to undertake or accept.

Some changes are harder than others and we allow them to force

us into overdrive.

Even changes that have to do with how well we may be performing

and or doing our jobs.

Folks - businesses are there to make money and strategies will change.

So when performance structured changes occur, we may want to blame

external factors for the way that we may be potentially affected.

Typically you have had all the data, charts, reviews, the 1-1 coaching sessions

and the information to understand where you rank and how well you are doing.

There are no surprises.

So stop for a second and stare at the reflection in the mirror.

What would you tell yourself?

Something that is both concrete and brutally honest?

The famous Benjamin Franklin once quoted:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Sure, your pride and ego may have taken a beating.

But by accepting responsibility for your role in the changes,

you begin to open the door to change.

By being honest with yourself, you allow or give yourself the opportunity

to address any shortcomings.

Your self talk should include: Pinpointing exactly what it was that you did

to let yourself down.

You have to fight the desire to blame others.

It is impossible to change aspects of our lives if we choose to ignore them

and or hide them in the shadows.

Third, don't focus on the negative.

You need to reflect on your strengths.

Recall all the past experiences where you were successful

and where a change back then helped you change course and do better.

Always use some aspects of your life, your positive memories as inspiration.

Change will come quicker and acceptance even more.

Then you can really go about the business of succeeding again.

Make it a great dia!

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