60 days to the day.

It takes courage to TRUST.

At times trusting in one's Faith is even more difficult.

Some of you have asked about an update on the on going situation in Mexico.

My family continues to be safe, and continue to pray, show Faith,

and "trust" that one day Mexico will be free again.

Unfortunately the violence continues with over 42,000 people killed since

the war on drugs was declared by President Calderon.

Three of those as you know were our family members, a brother-in-law and two cousins.

All were strong, caring, loving men, patriots in every sense of the word.

All three were respected members of society; two business men,

and one was an educator and beloved university dean.

All were victims of the on going violence in Cd. Juarez.

Last night I was on the phone with Armida who as a family has always been close to me.

It was her husband who was kidnapped, ransomed and murdered last August 31st.

Armida no longer cries, transforming her grief into the dangerous job of citizen advocacy.

She has always been a tough woman, an attractive, hazel eyed, funny, but nonsense

5 ft. 5, 140lb. mother, grandmother, sister and now activist. 

She continues to help coordinate neighborhood crime watch patrols,

and has fought city hall on several occasions over permission to  barricade

streets entering into various neighborhoods and subdivisions in and around Cd. Juarez.

She is definitely a woman of great Faith, and deep trust in her people or "mí pueblo"

as she calls her friends, neighbors, community and Mexico.    

Armida and I were discussing the man, who we now know was responsible

for Rodolfo's kidnap and murder.

We had been praying and trusting that the judicial system didn't fail. 

The man responsible for Rodolfo's murder is José Antonio Acosta Hernández,

alias "El Diego", was a top leader of the Juarez Cartel and a group of "sicarios,"

(assassins) and drug traffickers known as “La Linea."

He was captured two months ago, on Friday July 30th Friday.

Why do we remember the date, because he had been held for 60 days

pending more investigation.

Quite often in Mexico, the term "more investigation" means that in 60 days upon

paying a large sum of money to a judge, you are released.

Our prayers were answered, "El Diego", was not.

A ruthless man, he is believed to have ordered the first car bombing attack

to take place in Mexico.

The bombing killed several Federal police officers and civilians last year.

At the time of his arrest he was one of the most wanted men in Mexico with

a reward of 1 Million dollars for information leading to his arrest.

But his manhunt accelerated when he began to threaten attacks on

DEA agents working in Mexico.

He had said to have also begun planning more car bomb attacks on the U.S.

consulate and at the International bridges linking Cd. Juarez  with El Paso, Texas.

His criminal organization, "La Linea" has coordinated dug trafficking into the

U.S. for the Juarez cartel for several years.

One of the top eight major cartels, and one headed by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes “El Viceroy”.

He was also responsible for coordinating attacks against both law enforcement groups,

and any rival criminal groups.

When drug trafficking became more challenging because of better interdiction

by law enforcement two and a half years ago, he turned to business extortions,

and kidnappings of prominent citizens.

He led what was considered one of the most ruthless armed paramilitary groups

in northern Mexico.

A former member of the state's investigative police and its anti-kidnapping unit.

He was fired from the force in 2007 after failing a "vetting" exam for all state police agents.

He operated under the orders of Juan Pablo Ledezma, or called “el JL” who is

Vicente Carrillo’s right hand within the Juarez cartel.

The capture of El Diego came after a carefully coordinated surprise operation by the

Mexican Federal police, Army troops and DEA.

The operation took place without the knowledge of any of the local Juarez,

and state police forces.

We continue to pray, to hope and trust that one day the senseless violence will

one day come to an end.

Armida has had many opportunities to leave Cd. Juarez but has long decided

on staying.

To help her "pueblo."

She is doing more than helping her pueblo, she is helping save it.

Make it a día of prayer for my beloved Armida!

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