Another beautiful morning.

It's another beautiful Monday morning.

I walked and sat in the garden bench like I do every morning and took in the 

breezy 42 degrees.

Half-awake and clearing my head with the chill of dawn across my cheeks.

Prodding me once again to take it all in.

I meditate and say my morning prayers as Parker chases every mysterious scent

left over night.

I have to be at the center much earlier this morning to assist another one

many hundreds of miles away.

Buenos Dias Tomas!

It calls to me… reminding me that its time to go.

As it spins it's gentle warmth on the axis of our life.

Today I am grateful today for my sunrise.

The Fall breeze and the dew on the grass.

The sky with streaks of  shapes and patterns that the clouds have now formed.

The abundance that I experience sitting silently in the garden.

The loved ones and wonderful friends.

The love I feel in my life.

The clarity of what's to come - as I trust my higher power to guide me to it.

What Are You Grateful for Today?

Make it a great día!

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