Boundless Bliss.

We have often heard people say, "Don't sweat the small stuff."

That's great, and I agree, but if you are feeling a bit stressed that

comment might just make your head explode.

But gratitude really is about PAYING ATTENTION to the "small stuff,"

and seeing the beauty, and goodness available to us in every moment.

By paying attention to the "small stuff" we often find it is really the

"big stuff", and in fact the "only stuff."

We live our lives moment to moment and it is only by being aware

in each of those moments that we can ever truly measure

the joy we experience.

So, how much gratitude can you handle today?

Say "thank you" for EVERY little thing that you do or encounter...

And I mean EVERY LITTLE thing.

Start small - when you put on your shoes say, "Ah, hello and thank you

beautiful feet for carrying me to work today."

If you have a disagreement with someone, say your spouse say,

"I am grateful we both have different perspectives,

where we can allow our communication be harmonious and

not allow us to create an illusion of separation between us."

I know that was a mouthful, but what an impact its meaning gave

to your discussion.

You may find you will return to the discussion with a more open heart

and even a clearer head.

Be thankful for the weather.

Thankful that your car is running well.

Thankful for a job.

Thankful for a roof over your head.

You may think that's an awful lot to be saying to yourself during the day.

But, the truth is the nature of our Mind means that we are constantly

saying things to ourselves.

I believe that they both combine to help us ensure

that we are saying things that will elevate us to higher planes of

everyday existence.

They help fill our hearts with the boundless hope, and bliss 

that becomes our true nature.

Today I pray that every tiny thing in your life is filled with joy and that

you feel wonder and gratitude for it.

Make it a gratitude filled día

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