Do you occupy Wall St.?

We have been reading about The Occupy Wall Street movement

that is going on its third week in NYC.

It still doesn't have a spokes person and appears to

lack a unified message.

"We are the 99 percent."

I saw a link and the site has statements from

people who aren't in the top 1% of wealth and income.

By its definition, that's just about everyone.

Some say that our incomes have been stagnant for

over 40 years, and in a period during which the

income of the top 1% soared.

The reason it is said is due to the middle class getting

their full share of economic growth.

I sense that what the people calling themselves 99% want,

is some type of economic justice.

They don't have a single "demand," because there's

no single thing that produced this result.

They see a long list of things that are wrong

and that need fixing:

A foreclosure process,

Government bailouts of big business,

a system of higher education that has saddled students with great debt,

a healthcare system that bankrupts people without insurance.

That's what I believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement

is trying to bring attention to and fix.

A political and economic system where the extremely wealthy

have had laws and regulations designed to ensure that

future economic growth continues to flow their way - the 1%.

So I write today because my blog is aimed at helping people

live a more grateful existence.

No matter how large or small their budget.

As for life and the cost of living it - we have to spend less,

learn how to get more for what we do spend,

and design a life for living better.

We all must understand that we a part of the global economy.

How well or how poorly we do is dependent on our own

strategic and tactical thinking and planning.

I too have debt.

Yet no one ever forced me to take on a credit card,

apply for a car loan or put a gun to my head to sign up

for a student loan, or a mortgage. 

Although personally I do think that this movement

is going to help bring about the discussions needed

to improve our economy.

I pray for the people that struggle,

and I am praying for the folks down in NYC.

Both the left side of the political spectrum,

and the far right too.

I once thought that the ultra-conservative Tea Party

movement was a reaction to the loss of economic security.

Sadly the Tea Party followers just like the Big Business

interests that support them, espouses deregulation which

was the very recipe that will accelerate the decline of 

our middle class.

The Wall Street demonstrators stand for a fairer America.

Who doesn't want that?

Some of the reading I have done on this say that they

want higher taxes for the rich.

Others want the financial institutions brought into line with

stricter regulation.

In the end I believe both would help.

But what we need the most is education reform.

Even if our entire wealth is unevenly distributed,

the possibility of moving upward should at least remain

an option for everyone.

My Father would say, " The only true inheritance I can leave you

is that I worked hard to keep you in school.

No one can take what you've learned or your education away from you.

Make it a compassionate día!

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