Make sure you are suited UP.

You may have heard that we are all born to have a purpose in Life.

What many of us end up missing is that the fact that how well welI we suit up,

and show up for life..

each day is as important as living it.

Otherwise we may miss the opportunity to live our "said" Purpose.

Maybe worse would be to wake up one day and find out that because

we had failed to suit up we never got to use or purpose..

or missed our purpose.

So make the best of each interaction with others.

Each day brings opportuntiies to fill a need, 

either someone else's or your own. 

Each day matters.

In my life I love to write, so I write.

I truly get a lot of satisfaction over making things better.

Whether developing people or processes, I love the challenge.

I feel it is my gift and connection to my Creator.

What I do best is bring positive energy while making thing work...

in all of my daily encounters with others.

At times I feel as if my purpose in life is ever changing.

God seems to use me when I least expect it.

My purpose in life has allowed me to connect on a deeper plane to my God,

to my Life, and to my fellow man.

Make it a great día!

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