There is no sense getting exercised.

So much of our lives can be stressful.

From waking up each day, getting the kids off to school, working,

trying to make ends meet, spending time with loved ones,

that we end up with very little time to relax.

When stressful situations happen to me I take a huge breath,

and step back making sure that I get re-centered.

Here are some of the ways I use to de-stress, all are instant, effective

and don't include any sedatives or ETOH.

I read a book.

I take Parker for a walk.

I meditate but you could also practice yoga.

I write a letter.

I take time to Pray.

I indulge in a hot and sudsy bath.

I listen to music, I love Antonio Carlos Jobim or some older R & B.

For de-stressing my computer lagged hands I use Chinese stress balls -

mine have chimes in them.

I do organic gardening

I am not much of a movie watcher but I'll watch a funny movie.

I smile and get others to laugh.

I call my younger brother.

I watch my birds, squirrels, geckos, two possums and a falcon.

I take a long hot shower.

I go for a swim.

I watch the sunset.

I sleep in or try to since I am a very early riser.

I ask myself if this day, this situation will matter in 5 years.

I don't read or watch the news.

I turn off my phone off.

I ask myself - if it's time to walk away.

Whatever you do - the idea behind de-stressing is to take a step away

from our situation and try and get to a place where we can take in,

think or visualize a more healthy perspective.

We need to quit worrying about the things that haven't happened.

To quit expecting the worse.

Remember what matters in our sphere of influence.

Think of what we have to be grateful for,

and embrace it.

And to never forget that this is the only life we get,

so we need to take the time and enjoy it.

Make it a great día!

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