Who increased our National DEBT?

The economy didn't get in this bad a shape in a few years.

With all the rhetoric lately, it's hard to tell who did what.

I did a bit of research..

Can you guess who was in charge of the WH during these years?






Did you guess the following Presidents?

Ronald Reagan

George H. Bush

Bill Clinton

George Bush

Barack Obama

Now can you guess how much the DEBT

actually INCREASED under them?

We had numbers as high as 189%

and numbers as low as 16%.

189%, 115%, 55%, 37%, 16%.

But I purposely put them in that order.

The actual percentage US Debt increases under

their watch were:

Ronald Reagan a high 189% between 1981-1989.

The third highest came from George H. Bush with 55%

during 1989-1993.

Bill Clinton had the second lowest at 37% during


The second highest came from George Bush at 115%

between 2001-2009.

The lowest?

Barack Obama at 16% so far between 2009-2011.

You would not have guessed..

I personally was a bit surprised.

Make it a día of prayer!

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