Some of us learn to win early in life.

My Father was very competitive.

He taught us to box, to wrestle, to sprint, ride bareback,

and to weight lift as well as water color paint and draw.

He always said that to be a winner one had to

have a "Can do" spirit.

That winners took chances.

They took action.

That people could easily identify the differences

between a Winner and a Loser.

Winner's he said, "Are part of any solution, and losers

always speak of the problems in trying to solve them."

He taught us to be confident.

"Winners," he would say, "take responsibility for their

actions, and losers tend to only offer excuses." 

Another quick way to identify Winners he would say

was by their words.

The winners always say, "I'll try," but losers are always quick

to say, "That's not my problem."

Winner tend to seek ways of resolving any problem,

whereas losers are always tend to see problems in every solution.

Winners see opportunity around every obstacle, and losers see

two or three obstacles with every opportunity.

The winners say, "It may be difficult, but not impossible,"

the loser says "It may be possible, but it's too difficult."

Winning isn't difficult.

It starts with how us.

How we speak, act and think.

Our vocabulary should have unlimited words and phrases

for "WINNING."

Maybe we should not have any words for "impossible."

No matter what obstacles life throws at you, you have to believe that

you can overcome, because you believe in possibilities.

WINNING takes personal drive, determination, and commitment

to see any dream become a reality.

Make it a great día!

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