This morning we awaken to a world of 7 billion people.

It would take 200 years just to count from 1 to 7 billion out loud.

7 Billion steps would take you around the globe 133 times.

Looking back to the 1800's, we only had 1 Billion people on our planet.

By 1930 we had 2 Billion people living around the globe.

In 1960 we had reached 3 Billion.

By 1974 we were at 4 Billion.

In 1987 we had reached the 5 Billion mark.

12 years later in 1999 we had 6 Billion.

We awaken to our 7 Billionth baby having been born this morning!

They estimate that by 2045 we will reach 9 Billion people.

Every second we have 5 more people being born somewhere

around the world.

And every second 2 die.

In 1963 most of us only live to see our 53rd birthday.

Today most of us are living to see our 69th.

So what are these 7 Billion like?

Most are right handed.

They majority makes less than $12,000 a year.

Most have a cell phone, but not a bank account, did you know that

less than 25% of us do?

So how do our 7 Billion people look like?

The world’s most typical person is male.

Males outnumber females (but just barely).

The median age of the world’s population is a young 28.

The largest Ethnic Group is Chinese.

So based on these traits the world’s most typical person is a

28-year-old Chinese man.

Today there are over 9,000,000 of them.

By 2012 that person will come from India.

Still today we speak over 7000 different languages in 194 countries.

In 1975 we only had 3 MEGACITIES -

Mexico City, Tokyo and New York City.

All three had more than 10 Million people.

Guess what today we have 21 cities… 21 MEGACITIES.

Most of us like living in the cities.

By 2050 70% of us will be living in the cities.

By just standing shoulder to shoulder all 7 Billion of us would fill up

every nook and cranny in Los Angeles today.

So to co-exist we will need more BALANCE.

5% of us consume 23% of the world's energy.

13% of us still don't have drinking water.

38% of us lack toilets.

Of the 7 Billion - the typical man stands at various heights.

The typical man in Holland is 5’11′.

The typical man in Peru is 5’4 1/2”.

In Japan, the typical woman live nearly 86 years!

In Afghanistan, she lives 45 year.

They typical American uses 100 gallons of water at home each day.

In parts of Ethiopia it’s 2.5 gallons and some women spend

8 hours a day collecting it.

Typical people have various choices of transportation but not all are alike.

Some ride a donkey, others travel on foot, some on car or truck,

others on bicycles, and the buses or trains.

What can we do to help BALANCE this enormous equation?

Anything and everything that we do to limit our expansive need for more will help.

Do you really need 20 pairs of pants or shirts?

Gift them to someone that will actually wear them.

Do you have extra change laying around?

Collect it and give it to a worthy cause.

Do you have to drive your car to the office?

Can you do with less?

It's about BALANCE.

It begins and ends with our consumption.

Let's make it a less consumed, día!

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