Don't worry about what hasn't happened...

Quite often the worrying is worse than the problem.

I have family members that are really great at this.

My oldest Sister hates when I blog about her.

But, since she’s such a rich source of material, I can’t help but think

the universe wouldn’t have paired us together without intending me

to exploit her insanities for your reading pleasure.

My Sister is a complete human being.

She is a funny, wonderful, kind and caring woman.

I love her to death.

Beyond being an amazing person, my Sister worries.

Constantly worries about everything.

I remember coming completely unglued when I told her that I was

still planning on returning to Mexico one day.

When I told her, I could hear the immediate worry in her voice –

worry that is likely manifesting itself through her bowels even as I write.

"Carnalita", - as I call her.. "Why are you worried, I haven't even left for Mexico?"

She said, "I just don't want you to ever come back, here!" 

"I would worry to death about you."

I couldn't convince her that she shouldn't worry.

Or my favorite line, "Don't worry about things that have not happened."

But if you really think about it, there is a certain insanity to our worrying.

For one, worry doesn’t have any impact on the outcome of any future events.

My Sister’s worry will not prevent me from going back, even if it is just for a visit. 

My Sister’s worry will, however, have a very real effect on her body and mind.

Scientific studies attest, that muscle tension, immune system suppression,

nausea, memory loss and heart disease are but a few

of the more serious side effects.

If we think about all the worrying we’ve done, a fundamental truth emerges:

Problems or challenges, if they do arise, are rarely as painful as

the experience of worrying about them.

So STOP worrying about anything that hasn't happened.

And when it does - do some measured worrying.

That is if you really have to.

Make it a great dia!

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