Feliz Thanksgiving!

I can only imagine what life would be like if we allowed our grateful hearts

to celebrate it more frequently.

We get so caught up in the holiday rush, shopping, decorating and making

plans to drive somewhere to visit the relatives, that our thankful

or grateful thoughts require us doing more serious thinking.

Yet if we stopped for a moment, we'd realize that most of what we are

truly thankful for has been right there all along. 

No matter what your position in life is, or what you contribute,

we all know that it isn't an easy job.

Our constant having to exceed our loved ones as well as our own

expectations day in and day out is nothing less than remarkable.

And even though we often regard the holidays as a welcome break

from the day to day routine, our contribution is, in fact, anything but.

We are all vital to our own success, and that of our loved ones, 

and even more so to our collective happiness.

At this Thanksgiving.

Let's all show gratefulness and understanding.

To our enemy, and we all have those.. forgiveness.

To someone unwilling to listen or understand, tolerance.

To a friend, give them a piece of our heart.

To our community, service.

To everyone we meet, charity.

To every child, let's be good examples of all that they could be.

To ourselves, respect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feliz Día!

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