Four questions to SUCCESS.

On the subject of SUCCESS..

I was wondering what are the main questions to ask oneself?

I believe that success means many different things to us.

I have found that to be truly successful, one needs to be content

with oneself, have loved ones, friends and neighbors you enjoy,

have a satisfying work life, a few material rewards,

and seek to grow spiritually.

Once each of these areas are in proper balance,

one feels truly successful.

Although not all of these will have equal importance to everyone,

do seek to set your own priorities, but don't ignore any of them.

For they all mater.

So what should you ask yourself?

The only four questions I came up with are..


Why not?

Why not me?

Why not now?

As soon as you begin asking yourself these questions you begin

to realize just how much more is out there and what all you deserve.

However; to reach it we all have to begin with what we have.

We must give it everything we have, and apply every ounce

of energy we can muster.

Success won't come easy..   we have to confront all challenges with

passion and determination.

Make no mistake it's going to take a lot of hard work.

But by taking small steps in any one of these areas,

each day and on a regular basis... we will gradually expand

our level of satisfaction and bring us closer to

personal SUCCESS.

Make it a great día! 

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