Job stress?

I hope you survved the crazy pre-Black Friday rush.

As you can see we're now in the midst of the holiday season.

A lot of us start to stress and quite often for the wrong reasons.

One area you can de-stress is your worklife.

There is no sense having that added to your already holiday stresses.

Let's look at the job itself.

Experts suggest that we look at change our attitude.

Quite often is the one main ingredient to a less stressed job situation.

How we approach our responsibilities and adapt or don't adapt

is a big job stressors.

By being confident in what you do, and more positive about your

overall outlook on the world, you'll find it easier to

be resilient to stressful situations.

Psychologists have been saying for a long time that people

experience less stress when they have some degree of control

over their work or home environments.

Something as simple as making your desk less messy

at the end of your shift.

Write up a "To do" list and check stuff you do off as you do them.

Organizing your surroundings will help you feel as if you are

clearing up any mental clutter.

It also gives you a sense of order and accomplishment,

and in a way more control over your job.

Stressed out people need to let off some "pent up" energy,

and emotion.

It's harder to build up stress-generated adrenalin when

you're walking, weight lifting and walking.

If you have an office job make time to walk around the building or

the block a few times each day.

I read that even if it's for a minute or two, the additional blood flow

into the brain brings added clarity and de-stresses the body.

Scientifically it is due to the decrease in stress-releasing

chemicals like cortisol.

If your job is not one where you can see a project from start to finish,

then keep a tally of your accomplishment, any positive customer

feedback testimonials, colleagues kudos or from the boss,

and or congratulatory emails.

All companies now a days have some sort of Employee Advocay units,

EAPs or ER departnents that allows you to leave

your important feedback.

Either in person, in an e-mail or even through a suggestion

box mechanisms, use them to  vent (constructively).

A lot of the work life stressers can be opportunities to improve

your work environment.

You have to be willing to do something about it.

It's your job.

Make it a great día!

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