Less is always more.

I was reading that wise men give up something everyday.

While ordinary ones add something each day,

Conventional wisdom encourages us to increase and add to our

personal identity and self.

Which means we go through life seemingly preoccupied with ways

of achieving this important of all goals.

However we ignore the fact that when our conscious mind is at peace

we experience the most contentment and fulfillment.

Could It be that subtraction can be more important than addition?

Our minds get so filled up with "thought" clutter that it makes it

impossible to enjoy an awareness of the simple “now moments."

So the question is rather; what would we be willing to “give up” or “let go” of, 

in order to begin clearing the mind slate.

Cleansing our mind of all unnecessary blocks that could be preventing

us from attaining a much more clear perception of life.

Next time you find yourself in a state of mental stress, or overwhelming worry;

take a moment to give up any unattainable or unreasonable expectation.

It is ok to let go of any perceived goal that is consuming and negatively

controlling your thoughts and feelings.

You'll soon find that with each letting go, there will be a feeling of freedom.

A peculiar feeling of lightness, resulting from the mental freeing

from the heavy load.

I am not sure who wrote this but it explains my blog entry today rather succinctly,

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough."

Make it a simple día.

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