My Parker.

I was watching Dog 101 last night.

The show showcases three of four dogs on every show.

I would love to have a Great Dane one day, and maybe a

Neapolitan Mastiff,

or even a Komondor.

But then I turned and looked at Parker, he is a 4 year old


One of those hybrid type designer pooches…

half Lhaso and half poodle.

The best thing about my little feller is that he doesn’t care that

I am not rich,

Or that I am not a great cook.

How old I am or what type of health I am in for that matter.

He has never questioned my intelligence.

I don't really think he cares.

He enjoys my singing, although at times I think he enjoys my stories more,

and not very good jokes. 

He thinks of me as being a great athlete especially on our slow

walks around the neighborhood.

Yes to my Parker, I am the greatest, 

the smartest, nicest human being 

who was ever born. 

He repays me each day by waiting patiently on a couch adjacent to

the main living room window when I arrive home.

After all I am his best friend and his protector. 

Enjoy the día and please bring yours a treat tonight.

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