Te extraño, Viejita.

I woke up thinking about my Viejita.

I still have her prayer alter up - culturally I should have taken it down

two and a half months ago..  but I couldn't bring myself to.

I am convinced that she deserves more time being honored and remembered.

A petite woman, she was a powerful voice to reckon with.

Funny and wise she taught me a lot about my Faith..

(among many other important things like praying, meditating, singing and dancing and..).

She would often remind us that if we knelt before God each morning,

we would be able to stand before anyone.

I have had to resort to those simple but important words of wisdom

many times in my life.

So this beautiful Sunday, I will be the best son that she always knew I could be.

I will try harder and be kinder, more caring, and more understanding.

And as I pass her alter, I'll thank her for having loved and raised me like she did.

How could I forget someone, who gave me so much to remember?

Te extraño, Viejita.

Make it a great día!

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