Constructing a Christmas.

The Christmas message is important to me.

It is a time of the year that speaks to a sense of a new beginning.

About a soul searching that begins with preparation.

Where we prepare for His coming.

The important first coming in Bethlehem and his second one

that will arrive at the end of time.

A time for reflection and preparation and important self examination.

Introspection at what we have done, and the many things we have failed to do.

It's a commitment to a new beginning, personal redirection

and setting our hearts and moral compass aright.

It's  a belief that there is goodwill in all of us.

That as insignificant people, we are called and must oblige to doing incredible things.

It's a moment in time to acknowledge that though we're ordinary people,

we can by divine guidance and blessing do incredible things.

A people not measured by how good we are, or the many good gestures we do.

It's showing gratitude in our mere existence.

Sowing charity and goodwill where there is none.

It is stopping for a moment to acknowledge another.

It's about sharing our resources, no matter how limited with those less fortunate.

It's helping someone who may feel alone, face the day and the world.

It's doing not just what is easy or fair.

It's doing not just what is right.

Not that which is convenient, or that which may benefit someone temporarily.

It's doing the right thing.

It's doing what matters.

Make it a giving día!

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