Feliz Navidad querido pueblo.

I awaken to another beautiful morning.

The spirit of His celebration moves me to rejoice as we welcome His day.

No greater gift could we receive today.

This is Christmas!

Our heart are filled with Peace, and Joy.

They're filled with a desire to change, to be better than we were yesterday,

and the day before.

We are renewed with the Hope that Mexico's worse days are behind it.

That the tireless and faithful spirit of our beloved Mexico will complete

their difficult pilgrimage towards Peace.

That in the midst of Mexico's violence and tremendous difficulties

they can one day too,

celebrate with Joy.

Just as one contemplates the scene of that day; as particularly hostile

to the arrival of the first family as they traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem,

God will once again make right all wrongs.

Dear familia, and friends let us never forget that the Christmas stable

in our homes, the place that the Lord is welcome,

will choose to stay, settle in and lives.

God is not passing bye, He is here to stay.

It is not Christmas for one day.

It's Christmas, no matter how unfavorable and unwelcoming our

scenario remains.

That first Christmas offered an unfavorable scenario as well.  

The first Christmas manger offered little comfort to the baby Jesus.

Today we can't offer much better.

But among our miseries, I know God is present to fill us with Love,

and inspire Hope.  

The Mexican story is not finished.

I join my familia, my friends and neighbors in supplication that

His presence will rewrite and straighten it.

The cartels mistakenly believe that there is no place for the King of the Peace.

That there is no place for the creator of the world, in their unGodly world.

They are mistaken.

There is no place for them.

Today God has come to claim his people and his place.

Where just yesterday there was no room.

They're going to say that there is no place for Him this Christmas.

They will soon learn that there are a whole lot of reasons why they should

be celebrating His day.

They will learn that there has always been a place for Christmas.

That there has always been room where previously there was none.

So this morning as we awaken to new found Hope.

May the Joy that we feel in our souls be transcending.

May our prayers help bring Peace and fill everyone with a new Hope.

Someone please tell those lost people of the cartels that they too

can celebrate Christmas.

Even though many children and grownups have awakened in Mexico with

heartache, many grieving and overwhelmed.

May this Christmas morning, bring you renewed Hope.

It's a new day, and His birth is bringing good news.

Yes. With this day, and at this time, may His grace and salvation be in your hearts.

"Dios ha venido para quedarse." 

God has come to stay.

Feliz Navidad querido pueblo.  

Los amo..

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