Is it really just 24 more days?

December reminds me that a new year is almost here.

Looking back I wonder if I am going to complete everything I set

out to do last January 1st.

Something about that New Year's resolution concept.

Which by the way is not a practice I have ever committed to.

My resolution comes from in the form of a letter that I write to myself each January 1st. 

In it I lay out what I am promising, committing to and expecting to accomplish

by year's end.

I write and seal it, and store it for safe keeping.

Some years I even put a stamp on it and mail it to myself.

It is also a "Personal Best Practice" activity that I ask the people I manage

or lead do each year.

It's a great way to keep ourselves accountable.

Life is aspiring to go after the big things we want in life.

The things we want to attract, achieve or attain.

One thing is clear, Life has never stopped even momentarily to wait

on me to complete the tasks or goals I'd set out to complete.

There are only 24 more days till 2012.

That's 34,560 more minutes.. got to get moving.

Make it a great día!

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