A monthly inventory idea.

The year is zooming bye.

It's already December.

Time to start looking at 2012, but first some tips on doing a personal inventory.

Throughout the year I try and keep the triumphs and the failures in check.

I like to take a monthly inventory of all that I have experienced that month;

the challenges I have faced, including the disappointments as well

as the joys of achieving and over coming.

I always start by asking myself, "What has life taught me this month?"

I don't dwell on the negative - at least I try not to.

I am the type of man that knows forgiveness, I have been given

second chances and therefore can freely forgive,

and accept that no one is infallible.

I have also learned that the longer I live, the more I desire to spend

more of my time with those who make me smile.

I have purposely chosen over the years to de-friend, avoid and or not

encourage toxic relationships and people.

Ideally I want to spend less time with those who I feel pressured to impress.

Anyway you look at it, no matter how many mistakes you make,

no matter how slow you are progressing, you have to remind yourself

that you are still way ahead of all those that aren't motivated and not trying.

I try and make amends to anyone I have hurt or offended.

I tell my loved ones exactly how much they mean to me.

I remind myself that I don't ever want to be at the end of this earthly journey

only to find myself regretting the things I didn’t do.

That and regretting the things I didn't try for fear of failure, ridicule or both.

I try and do a few of the things I haven't done and can honestly say

I now will try anything (within reason) at least once.

I have begun to put material things in perspective.

My goal is to pursue happiness however; not by acquiring material things.

Like the fancy Benz my son the banker would love me to have, or fancy

custom made suits, or expensive jewelry,

(I have finally begun to enjoy my extensive watch collection, which for years all I ever

did was kept them serviced, wound up, and running in the 20 slot watch cases).

I decided that I would take myself off life's treadmill, realizing a slow

walk would do me much more good.

I have found that Life is way more satisfying when we stop trying to be cool

and simply focus on being ourselves.

People love us for who we are, not who we think we are.

So take your monthly inventory.

Years ago I started with daily, moved to weekly and finally am at monthly ones.

Start by asking yourself whether the relationships you are in now drag

you down or lift you up.

Then start detoxifying your life.

Surround yourself with positive, loving and encouraging people.

Make it a great día!

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