Yes, I am grateful.

I can't believe it is almost here! Just six more nights… than we will all wake up

to another celebration of his birth.

We have so much to be grateful for, even though this time of the year tends to

make a few of us feel stressed, down or melancholic.

I'm sorry if your are feeling down or if you feel that you’re in a bad situation,

just try and remember that no matter what - it is temporary.

It is also relative, because there’s a lot of things out there much worst than

what your are going through.

I’m not saying that what your going through is not important!

It’s very important, just that maybe it’s not as big of a deal as you think.

Sometimes we tend to get carried away with our own day by day problems

that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

We forget at least momentarily that there are so many divinely gifted

and important things in our lives.

The ones that really matter, the once that will make a difference in the end.

Today, what I would like for you to do is to focus on the positive.

Let's try to see what is important, and acknowledge that there are people

and some things that you might just be taking for granted.

Some things and even some people (yes even loved ones),

we take for granted because they are always there and we get so used

to them that we forget that they are there.

We take them for granted.

We also have our health.

So what if it isn't the best it could be, imagine that it could be much worse.

If you are healthy, be grateful you are this way.

There are millions who would give anything to be in our shoes.

Just take a moment to think of those millions, the very next time you feel that

there’s no bright side in your life.

If you have a loved one or family, then put it in perspective.

There are over 143 million orphans in the world!

You could say that you and I are luckier then most, over 1,430,00,000!

You aren't alone, if you have just one friend to talk to then you are blessed.

What about a pet?

If you have one than you know about unconditional love.

Cherish them like they cherish you, some people can’t afford to raise

a pet or don’t have enough room to keep one.

You should be grateful for your pet!

I am very grateful for my lhasapoo a small 12 lb. that goes by the name of Parker.

Actually go ahead and give pet or give your pet a big warm hug for

being there for you.

If you have someone in your life, than treasure them.

Reach out to everyone that cares or has cared for you.

Be grateful that you can love and are loved!

Be grateful for every moment that you have had to spend and will spend

together from now one!

Cherish every second and live it at it’s full intensity!

Many people go their whole lives and never find a soulmate,

or someone that they can share their entire life with.

Be grateful.

Live - Love -Grow!

Make it a great diá!  

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