It's a beautiful Monday dawning and the eighth day of 2012!

I am listening to a mariachi version of "Las mañanitas," a Garcia-Peña

arrangement on the Mis Quince Años CD.

We used to sing that song to our Viejita each "Dia de las Madres,"

(Mother's Day) usually around 5 o'clock on that Sunday morning,

Usually it was after my brothers and I had spent the night rehearsing our Viejita's

favorites like "Madrecita querida", "Gema", "El reloj", "Amor eterno", and "Al pie de

un crucifico," and after many hours of home made sotol or baconora.

But I'll save some of those memories for my Mother's Day blog.

I am truly excited about this new year!

I am excited about really putting the 212°  degree mentality to play at the office.

I am now down to just 357 days, or if you want to get technical 516,600

more minutes to lead the charge.

I intend to make people around me "echarle ganas,"

and make this their break out year.

Why not live and work in a more motivated, encouraged,

and optimistic way?

Why not reap the rewards of being at 212° all year long?

So what exactly does that mean?

No not the 212°.

The "echarle ganas" part is a Spanish colloquialism that was commonly 

used back home.

It means to give something your best effort..

to go at it with full gusto,

to do it wholeheartedly,

to give it all you've got,

to tackle it at full strength,

to "echarle ganas!"

That is what I intend to get my folks at the office doing.

Looking back my family was raised to always "echarle ganas,"

and I can tell you that my entire family lived, and worked at 212°.

My Father ran a tight brigade, and taught us that if we muddled about,

we would never achieve our breakthrough.

We were always taught to give our best, to give everything we did

one extra degree's worth of effort.

Many of us work and live at 211° degrees.

Yet they often don’t realize that with just one more degree of effort,

raising the heat to the 212° mark,

a massive state of change occurs, and one that is just around the corner.

If they would just push themselves just a little bit more, they would achieve

true excellence.

To get to 212 degrees, you have to be at 211°.

That means that you have to have that personal drive, commitment, pride,

and motivation to keep it CALIENTE at 211°.

But just one extra degree, that one extra push of determination,

will decide if the water remains hot or it starts boiling.

I plan on making us all reach 212° together.

Can you imagine the endless opportunities in store for us in the next

516,600 minutes?

We're going to make many great días!

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