It's all in the attitude.

Sorry about another late blog.

Getting going each morning has been harder lately.

I met with five brand new incoming employees today.

We spoke about my style of leadership.

The 212 degree philosophy and the importance of about

self accountability.

I think I even talked about Zig Ziglar's famous, "Your attitude determines

your altitude."

Actually he said, “Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude” but the aptitude

as in any job, can be taught, one's attitude certainly can't.

I also gave them my "Agreement with myself" homework assignment.

It's a personal letter that they will have to write, I which they set out their

personal goals for the coming year.

They will each write one, have someone they love, or trust read it and than

they will seal it and place it in the self addressed envelope I provided. 

On Friday I will collect them and than next year at this same time I'll be mailing

it back to them.

It's something I have been doing personally since 1983.

A great friend and fellow office gave it to his cadre as homework.

It is a gift that I have kept on giving all these years no matter where I was

and whom I was leading.

You need to give this one a try.

Make it a great día!      

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