Being resourceful...

Recently I saw first hand resourcefulness in action.

It was a neighbor's pot luck.

With all of the various dishes needing to be refrigerated till later in the day,

there was no room for the Coronas.

It created a bit of a dilemma, that is until my friend said let's go get some ice.

We went and got a couple of bags and upon our return

found that they didn't have an ice chest.

So the next best thing was their Kenmore washer. 

Washing machine that is.

You see all problems have solutions.

Never underestimate your resolve.

There are usually various solutions.

Typically there will be multiple paths to get you to the answer.

Begin with why, how, when, where, what and whom.

Think outside the box.

Be curious.

Keep the outcome in mind.

Break down the problem.

What is your ultimate goal?

Remember that all problems are really opportunities in disguise.

The answer is closer than you think.

Enjoy your Coronas or Mountai Dews or chocolate milks  ;)

Make it a great día!

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