No sand bagging allowed.

Have you ever played hurt?

Not the injured in a football game hurt and went on and played your best game

with a broken collar bone hurt.

In life we get only the moments that we breathe to make a go of it.

I am talking about calling in sick when the real reason is that you may have

stayed out late and or had one too many.

Or not giving it 110% or living life with gusto, at 212 degrees.

Why would anyone want to undermine your best "self?"

Why would you want to be thought of as not being one to give their best?

Why would you want to be known for play down their talents?

Who wants to play small?

Play at the lower rung of your personal scale?

Why not play the role of the intelligent, capable and talented person

you really are? 

Otherwise all you are doing is living, or working a lie.

Make it a great día!

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