I write about gratitude because it makes Life so much easier to live by.

With gratitude we can all accomplish more.

Gratitude truly serves to alter our spirit.

Just saying "Thank You" is all that is needed.

Quite often the best "Thank-you!" are the ones that are

spontaneously announced.

The ones for the simplest acts.

The next time your spouse comes home from a long day,

say Thank You, I'm glad you're home safe.

The next time you find one more large potato in the vegetable bin.

And the next time you see your little ones' happy face,

say Thank You.  

I also like writing a personal note to express my gratitude.

I always mail it and in this day and age of E-mail the recipient will

be overjoyed to get one.. I know because I also love getting them.

They will know you took the time to hand write a thoughtful note.

Just saying Thank-you is great!

Giving someone a compliment for a job well done.

You're recognizing someone's personal effort, hard work or thanking them

for doing a great job.

If you are not someone that finds engaging strangers easily,

or saying thanks often, start today.

Don't over think it.

Just say it!

Brighten someone's day, help increase someone's altitude.

I've seen how gratitude, adjusts one's attitude.

Our attitude dictates our daily outcomes.

Everyone loves to feel appreciated for something.

How high will you help someone go up?

A thankful heart opens our hearts for more!

Its contagious and will create a paying forward day.

Make it a great día!

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