Bob Barker is my friend.

Bob Barker is my friend.

Not that Bob.

My dear friend has a very old Chihuahua - fourteen years old

long- haired, white furry friend. 

Her Bob Barker hasn't been doing well lately and I can sense that it may

be time to let him go.

But how do you even begin that conversation?

In life we all have to make decisions that have to do with "letting go." 

What one pet owner sees as a good "quality of life" or a certain degree of "dignity"

differs from another.

I've seen both; whereas one friend was sympathetic seeing their older pet

shuffle back and forth from kitchen to living room,

and made the decision to keep their pet medicated.

Another recently made the painful decision to put her pet down

after seeing that their beloved lab was so depressed,

and could no longer retrieve its ball.

The "Bobbers" has several other loving "pet" companions at home.

I've read that some animals will also tend to grieve.

Some pets that are grieving and that are showing obvious signs of loss

need to be coddled for a few days, (just as we would comfort any of us 

humans who had lost a loved one).

They advise giving them plenty of added attention and hugs;

making sure that the other pets stay warm and giving them special treats,

and tempting foods to encourage them to eat.

Some I read even gave their other pets the deceased pet's blanket with their

scent or smell as a way of bringing them comfort.

From my own experiences with the animals I have lost over the years,

I do feel that they have some sense of loss when a companion

animal has left them.

I don't know if it's called grieving, like we experience grieving,

but I have seen them react to the loss of a fellow companion.

Some will search for the missing pet, hunting around the entire house,

and yard for days, looking for the now gone friend.

Others may become depressed and may even act quite subdued for days to weeks.

Quite often some will even quit eating.

In the end it is a very tough decision only made easier by the loving memories

that they have left us.

I pray that no matter what decision my dear friend makes,

that she knows that the Bob Barker is in my thoughts.

Make it a pet loving and appreciation kind of día!

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