Breathing leadership.

Feliz Lunes. Ever wonder how companies develop their leaders?

You've heard the old expression that "Leaders are born, not made?"

I tend to disagree. We're all leaders in training.

I've also been invited to attend a Foundations in Leadership course

in Memphis this Thursday and Friday.

I am pretty excited about it and being able to join six other leaders

in a classroom for two days.

But what is Leadership?

Have you ever examined how you lead?

Either at home, in the classroom or in the office?

What principles of leadership do you tend to use or follow in your life?

I believe at my core that leadership begins with how you treat others.

I also believe that leaders need to care, listen and respect more.

Although in my experience a great leader also needs decisiveness,

and strong intuition.

At the end of the day you are managing processes or things,

but a great leader is leading people.

It's about building those special relationships, and together getting

things accomplished.

As a leader, our actions need to demonstrate that we can not only be trusted,

but that we are also trustworthy.

We must be able to quickly identify and meet the legitimate needs

of the people that have been entrusted in our care.

Making them more successful, developing them and removes

all obstacles and barriers, so that they can be their best.

I've never seen a company fail when their foundational was one based

on the power of servant leadership.

Imagine any company being led by men and women like ourselves,

whose  basic tenants of leadership were based on a more patient,

kinder, respectful, humble, selfless, honest, and fully committed self?

To be a great leader, one has to always strive to be one.

Make it a great día.

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